Skateboarding Tricks

blue skateboard on side

Don't Just Glide!

Skateboarding is a fun way to get around the city. Just jump on your board and ride. However, just gliding can get pretty boring. Mix it up with some tricks. There are several kinds of tricks such as an ollie, grind, or flip.

How to Manual

manual skateboard trick

The best trick for beginners to learn is how to manual.This trick looks cool and is a great way to learn how to balance.

  1. Find a smooth surface that is straight and has no obstacles in the way.
  2. To do a manual put one foot on the tail and put one just behind the front bolts.
  3. Get on your board and pump your back foot so that you build up speed.
  4. Lean your body slightly forward, as you apply pressure to the tail using your back foot.
  5. This will cause the front wheels to rise off the ground.

History of Skateboard Tricks

Did you know that Tony Alva was one of the first skaters to become famous? He started doing tricks in an empty swimming pool in the late 1970's. He was part of the Z-Boys skateboarding team. His aerial was one of the first to be recorded.

Watch the Tony Alva video. It is of Tony skating the bowl just a few years ago. This video proves you are never to old for skateboard tricks!

skateboard park

Today, skateboarding is very popular. People watch skateboarding competitions, play skateboarding video games, and some kids even go to skateboard camp. Some cities have built skateboard parks so skateboarders will have a place to practice their tricks.

Click on the skatepark picture to visit Skaters for Public Skateparks. Learn how you can get a skatepark in your community.